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Senate Budget and Appropriations
11:00 AM
Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Senator Paul A. Sarlo  ViceChair: Senator Brian P. Stack    Membership

* Revised 3/9/18 - S-2293 and SJR-63 have been added. S-2293 (Sweeney) - pending intro and referral. SJR-63 (Gopal) - pending referral.

A3382 Freiman, Roy/Mazzeo, Vincent+5Prop. taxes, anticipated-make pymts.
S104 Weinberg, Loretta/Sweeney, Stephen M.+10Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act
S122 Weinberg, Loretta/Sarlo, Paul A.+4Garden St. Film & Digital Media Jobs Act
S430 Pou, Nellie/Oroho, Steven V.+2Real estate lic., cert.-concerns
S482 Vitale, Joseph F.+1Gestational Carrier Agreement Act
S699 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Cunningham, Sandra B.Student finan assist prog-concerns
S700 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Cunningham, Sandra B.Higher Ed. Citizenship Equality Act
S976 Vitale, Joseph F.Revised St. Med. Examiner Act
S1918 Ruiz, M. Teresa/Gopal, VinPub, resides cert fed prop-req enroll
S1971 Sarlo, Paul A.Prop. taxes, anticipated-make pymts.
S2247 Sweeney, Stephen M.Hosp., cert.-concerns charitable assets
S2293 Sweeney, Stephen M./Oroho, Steven V.+1Career and Tech. Ed. Bond Act
SJR63 Gopal, VinProf Social Work Mo-desig March each yr.
SR66 Sarlo, Paul A.Mortgage escrow pre pymts-urges